Real Talk about Light Rail

Sitting in Hampton Roads traffic sucks, but you can fix it when you vote yes for light rail on Nov. 8! VB CONNEX talked to citizens who want light rail to come to Virginia Beach so we can spend less time sitting on congested highways.

Get the Facts About Light Rail in Virginia Beach

Get the facts about why an extension of light rail to Virginia Beach is the right step for the future of our region.

Why Light Rail? With Aubrey Layne

Why should light rail come to Virginia Beach? Virginia Secretary of Transportation Aubrey Layne believes the light rail extension is part of what will become a bigger system that will benefit a growing Hampton Roads population.

Why Light Rail? With Glenn Davis

Why should light rail come to Virginia Beach? Virginia House of Delegates member Glenn Davis (R-84th) says expanding the light rail system will provide a regional transportation solution that will benefit Hampton Roads now and in the future.

Why Light Rail? With John Martin

Why should light rail come to Virginia Beach? Southeastern Institute of Research CEO John Martin thinks light rail will attract a young and vibrant workforce to the Hampton Roads area.

Why Light Rail? With Kurt Hofelich

Why should light rail come to Virginia Beach? Kurt Hofelich, president of Sentara Norfolk General Hospital, views the expansion of light rail to Virginia Beach as a way to improve the accessibility of healthcare in Hampton Roads.

Why Light Rail? With Perry Frazer

Why should light rail come to Virginia Beach? CBRE Managing Director Perry Frazer believes light rail will give the millennial workforce more transportation options and attract new businesses to the region.

Why Light Rail? With Jeremy Johnson

Hear from Virginia Beach resident Jeremy Johnson on why he thinks an expanded light rail system makes good economic sense for the future.

Why Light Rail? With Jim Spore

As you look at every major city around the world, you'll notice they all have quality public transportation. Jim Spore, president and CEO of Reinvent Hampton Roads, thinks Virginia Beach will fall behind if we vote against light rail.

Why Light Rail? With Louisa Strayhorn

Do you want a more connected community? Hear what former Virginia Beach Councilwoman and school board member Louisa Strayhorn has to say about the positive impact light rail will have on future generations of Virginia Beach residents.

Why Light Rail? With Michael Berlucchi

Why should light rail come to Virginia Beach? Resident Michael Berlucchi believes a connected community is a happy and successful community.

How Light Rail Overcame Challenges in Charlotte

Vi Lyles, mayor pro-tem of Charlotte, N.C., explains how the city's Lynx line overcame the challenges of funding and community support to become vital.

Light Rail Created Choices in Charlotte

Vi Lyles, mayor pro-tem of Charlotte, N.C., says cities have to think about offering a variety of lifestyle options for every resident. In her city, an entire neighborhood popped up around the Lynx system for residents who wanted to live, work and play close by.

Light Rail Brought Jobs to Charlotte

To compete, cities must attract talented workers who, in turn, attract company investments. Charlotte's light rail line created the lifestyle young workers wanted and jobs followed, says Mayor Pro-Tem Vi Lyles.

Light Rail is Convenient for All Ages

Some of the biggest adopters of light rail in Charlotte have been baby boomers, says Vi Lyles, mayor pro-tem. The Lynx offers a convenient and inexpensive way to get around town and attend events.

Light Rail Creates Affordable Lifestyles

Charlotte Mayor Pro-Tem Vi Lyles says light rail allows people to save money by creating opportunities for people to live closer to work and maybe get rid of a second car.

Virginia Beach CONNEX

A city of humble beginnings, Virginia Beach is now a bustling and vibrant city. With even bigger plans for future growth, light rail is the next step to connect our community for a lifetime.

Make Your Commute Hands-Free

Tired of wasting your valuable free time behind the wheel? Hands-free commuting on light rail leaves you with an unlimited amount of productive – and not so productive – ways to spend your time traveling.

Light Rail Connects Communities

Light rail will help preserve the environment, expand economic growth and connect the communities of Hampton Roads. What's not to love?

Light Rail and Sustainable Growth

How will light rail keep up with the growth of Hampton Roads? A 2014 Virginian-Pilot article reported the Town Center zip code in Virginia Beach is among the Top 5 fastest-growing regions in the United States. Attorney Ted Miller says a light rail system would make the area more livable and sustainable for perpetuating growth.

Light Rail Connects Hampton Roads

Ted Miller, attorney at Cooper, Spong & Davis Law Firm in Portsmouth, views light rail as a convenient way to travel without a car. A light rail system would not only connect the cities within the region, but connect Hampton Roads to the world beyond.

Light Rail Attracts New Businesses

How can light rail connect Hampton Roads to major markets? Fortune 500 companies are drawn to areas with great transportation, including light rail. Local attorney Ted Miller shares how investments from large companies raise the standard of living and local revenues get a boost.

Light Rail Gives Seniors New Freedom

Former Mesa, AZ mayor Scott Smith explains how light rail in his city was embraced by seniors, who discovered it gave them new freedom and flexibility to enjoy their city. The same can happen in Hampton Roads!

Light Rail Investment Pays Dividends

Christopher Coes, director of LOCUS, explains how cities with light rail generate greater tax revenues, attract new businesses and see property values rise. Light rail is an investment that pays dividends.