The Freedom of Riding the Rails

August 9, 2016   |  

The promise of an extension of light rail to Virginia Beach is a step in the right direction for connecting our community. Light rail provides a “hands-free” transportation option – just think of the possibilities!

1) Read a book

There’s nothing like kicking back and reading a good book. If you haven’t picked up a book since your college days, take advantage of your light rail commute and dive into the latest release from your favorite author!

2) Do your makeup

Studies show that nearly half of all women apply makeup while driving. Like texting and driving, doing your makeup while driving takes your focus off of the road and can lead to life-threatening accidents. Riding light rail lets you put on makeup safely and avoid the clown look.

3) Update your social media accounts

Everybody loves using social media these days, even while driving. This behavior is dangerous and possibly deadly. AT&T conducted a survey in which they found 7 out of 10 drivers use social media while behind the wheel. Light rail allows you to use social media to your heart’s content without putting yourself or others at risk.

4) Send an email

Are your emails from work piling up faster than you can possibly tackle them? The hands-free commute that light rail provides gives you the ability to use your time wisely and get some work done on the way to or from work. Or you could just look up cats on the internet.

5) Catch up on your favorite show on Netflix

Ever wake up on a Sunday and decide to watch some Netflix? One episode turns into five. The next thing you know, as the 96th episode begins, the sun is rising and it’s Monday morning. With no driving to distract you from the next important plot twist, the Netflix binge doesn’t need to end just yet!

6) Facetime your mom

Haven’t talked to mom in a while? Take advantage of your new free time and give her a call! Now if only she could figure out how to use her new iPhone.

7) Play Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is the new hot app sweeping the nation. Millions of people are taking to the streets to catch rare Pokemon. However, trying to catch a Snorelax while driving could prove to be quite dangerous. Good thing you don’t have to worry about paying attention to the road while riding light rail!

8) Smile because you’re not sitting in traffic

It really boils down to this; there’s nothing worse than sitting in stop-and-go traffic. With light rail you can sit back and actually enjoy your commute!

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