Virginia Beach CONNEX is comprised of community members who believe in the economic development promise of Hampton Roads. We are committed to building and connecting our community, using the light rail system, for generations to come.

More transportation choices means:

  • Choosing convenience over congestion when traveling to where you live, work, & play
  • Igniting new development to attract new businesses and employ the best talent
  • Thriving economy that allows families to grow in Hampton Roads


Virginia Beach CONNEX is a group of civic-minded citizens of Virginia Beach with a clear vision for the growth and future successes of Virginia Beach as a competitive, first-class resort and a destination not only for tourists, but also for our growing population of retirees, families, business owners and young professionals.

  • Provide reliable transportation alternatives for Hampton Roads residents
  • Attract new business, spur economic growth and create a thriving economy for decades to come. Strong and successful economic development will boost local revenues, reducing the tax burden on citizens.
  • We want to create a walkable, urban environment for a growing population of young people and retirees seeking reliable transportation alternatives.

It’s about more than light rail.

  • We’re talking about a modern, future-oriented transit system with light rail, bus rapid transit (BRT), enhanced local buses, shared-use paths for walkers, runners, bikers and more.
  • Our population is growing. Being part of a larger over-arching transit system that connects our region provides benefits not only to individuals, but to the entire community.

By planning ahead.

  • A funding strategy was put in place in May 2015, two years ahead of the first anticipated debt service. It consists of a 1.8 cent real estate tax increase to build a cash reserve for the annual debt service. Hampton Roads Transit will operate the line, but Virginia Beach will be responsible for its maintenance.
  • The Commonwealth of Virginia Transportation Board has also agreed to put $155 million dollars toward the construction cost.

Time is of the essence.

  • It is part of the city’s vision. A vision that revolves around connectivity, convenience and a thriving regional economy. If we don’t take the first steps now, then when?
  • A study to determine the accurate costs to build the extension will be completed in spring 2017. If the city chooses to delay now, the city will not only lose the state’s $155 million allocation, but will have to return significant money the state has already provided for this project.

Convenience, opportunity, access, connectivity, growth, affordable alternative transportation, reliability, environmental stewardship, economic growth and a vibrant future for our region.